What Lil Tay Can Teach Us About Finance

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Can Lil Tay teach us about finance? Wanna learn how the heck is a nine-year-old girl driving her own Lamborghini? Her social media presence, generating millions of views, & is already a household name! Learn how to earn from the mind of a “wealthy” but an obnoxious child.


For those of you who don’t know, Lil Tay is a nine-year-old online personality. She is best known for her crass, outspoken language, while flaunting wealth, expensive cars, living in mansions, and meeting with Hip Hop celebrities.

IS LIL TAY legit?

Only in 2018 could this be possible! She’s flashing dollars while calling everyone b******, the n***** word but she still gets to meet with celebrities. What is going on?? But if you’re jealous, or angry, you can check yourself. She doesn’t own a Lamborghini, outrageous stacks of cash, or 5 homes with gold toilets. She fooled people for months with stuff borrowed from her mom’s boss…and Lil Tay’s real home (from the radio) is just a modestly priced apartment in Vancouver.


At this point, society would gawk, laugh and make fun of Lil Tay and the single mom who raised her. They deserve it for tricking people into believing that they had expensive stuff, don’t they? But let’s look at ourselves for a second.

Social media has become the best way to advertise our lives. You can see what people are eating, what sports team they’re cheering for, and where everyone is spending their hard-earned dollars.

When was the last time we borrowed a lot of money from a credit card or stretched our credit limit beyond what is sane to pay for something? Like something to post to a few thousand people!!

That is what Lil Tay can teach us about flaunting wealth on social media – Often it’s about as real as a Kardashian’s backside. The typical person cannot afford the lifestyles immaculately displayed on Instagram, Youtube, etc… so people borrow.

It’s important to recall that the average Canadian owes $1.74 for every $1 they earn. How much of that is spent on stupid stuff to impress people we don’t know or don’t like?

So bravo Lil Tay, thanks for making a million people jealous and highlight how silly it is to borrow & flaunt like a rap star.

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