How Can I Cut Down My Food Budget?

cut food budget, axxe food budget, reduce food budget, improve food budgetHow Can I Cut Down The Food Budget?

Food is expensive, but costs can be cut down so that you can enjoy a food budget without being left to chew on raw cabbage until retirement.

Learn how to budget for extra cash to pay for those bills! See how you can crush debt, grow wealth, & protect your family.


Kevin O'Leary Steak house, O'leary steakhouse, chairman o'leary funds kevin oleary chairman of oleary funds dedicated income investor - chair
Kevin O’Leary – Accredited Entrepreneur

Food budget tips help everyone, it even supposedly helped one infamous businessman purchase his “steak house.”

Kevin O’Leary of ABC’s Shark Tank & CBC’s Dragon’s Den stated once, in an old interview, that he purchased a home by going many years without steak dinners.

While not everyone likes Mr. Wonderful, you have to laugh when a shark goes partially veggie to afford a home.

So if wealthy celebrities had to do it then you can cut down your food budget too – spend less, have more, be rich sooner.


How to Cut Your Food Budget

Here’s a list of both familiar and uncommon bits of advice to help you cut your food budget down. We’ve broken them into sections so you can pick and choose what works best for you.

Reducing Cravings

  • Eat something at home before you buy groceries – you tend to buy more when you’re hungry
  • Avoid activities that will cause you to buy lots of junk food
  • Smoke less marijuana – if doing it for recreation
  • Enjoy fast food and dine out IN MODERATION – try once a month

Improve Your Health & Lower Your Medication Bills

  • Skip the soda pop isle – Drink filtered water & watch your waistline slim
  • Think faster, get leaner, have more money by drinking less alcohol
  • The more healthy you eat, the better you feel. Bulk up your meals with substantial veggies: carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, & broccoli.
  • Wean your kids into a healthy diet. Long run you’ll save on their trips to the doctor & dentist. An excellent article on it here Get Your Kids to Eat Better

Snack Smarter

  • Bring homemade snacks to work/school
  • Make your coffee in a mug
  • Smoke less marijuana = less absurd snacking.

Time is Money so Save Time

  • Learn to make great stews from leftovers
  • Find what foods pets can safely eat and occasionally give them food leftovers
  • Buy pre-cut veggies if you hate cutting vegetables and use them
  • Shop at larger grocery stores and know their layout. Make a plan for where to go
  • Learn what foods you can freeze so you can make fewer trips to the store. You can freeze bread!

Make Your Spending Efficient

  • Buy the generic store brand over the brand name food
  • Learn how to make pasta from canned tomato sauce vs. pre-made sauce – Easier than you think!
  • Consume more beans (dried), eggs, cheese & less meat


  • Buy in bulk (i.e., a large bag of rice vs. 150g box of rice)
  • Prepare meals at home. Everyone eats the same food.
  • Cook in bulk (eat leftovers and freeze the rest)
  • Get to know the grocery stores in your area.


  • Shop at larger grocery stores instead of the convenience stores (many bachelors are guilty of shopping at the later)
  • Make a grocery list and stick with it – keep your splurge item to one
  • Check for the discounts either through your local flyer or online