How to Avoid Buying Clutter

Would it be possible to own too much stuff? Is your clutter and need to shop more causing you problems? Here’s a list of 5 reasons to avoid buying clutter

1) It’s Expensive

Quite obvious…but did you realize that a growing debt will eventually pop the happy bubble that you feel from shopping? Think about what you owe now, how can you pay it back? How miserable will you be about the debt later?

What will you feel in a month or six months after owning it? Will you remember where it is?

2) Returning Purchases Can Be a Pain

If you thought about buying an item now & returning it later, then you’ll be at the mercy of long lines and return policies.

Return date policies will vary (14 days vs. 30 days). Makes forgetting to return things on time difficult.

Long lines may not frustrate you at the amusement park but spending valuable time at a returns desk takes you away from all the other promises you’ve got to fulfill. Also, consider this…it’ll take you about as long to return a $30 item or a $600 item!

Some stores only offer a gift certificate instead of a cash refund. Now think about Sears, NCIX, Eatons…with the high number of department stores shutting down recently that gift certificate could be worthless someday!

3) Selling it Later Can Be an Effort in Futility

Others may not have the same appreciation for the item that you purchased, and they’ll want it for lower than market value. So be wary of buying on the premise for resale because you’ll typically lose money and time as you’re waiting for it to sell…assuming you can even sell it.

A buddy of mine used to pre-order mobile phones for resale. He’d be the guy who’d camp in front of the store to buy 10 iPhones and resell them a few days later. Whether this strategy works for you or not their is a certain amount of risk that you inherit when you can’t sell them.

My buddy’s iPhone strategy worked but he was limited to doing it once a year. He then started to order Nexus phones (remember them?) for resale. Due to shipping delay he tried selling them a week late and missed his window opportunity. He became the new “lucky” owner of 7 brand new Nexus phones. I bought one to help him out.


4) Failure to Repair & Restore it to Mint Condition

The TLC project! Whether you’ve received a car, boat, helicopter or whatever to fix, unless you’ve had a lot of experience, the project will take typically longer than you’d expect.

The costs of repair may go over your budget. Extra parts and doodads that come along the way as necessary might leave that clunker sitting out for longer than you intended. Do you have space while it just sits there?

5) Too Much Stuff Causes Stress

We don’t think about it, but clutter holds an incredible amount of both positive & negative energy. When we hold onto our stuff, we hold on to the emotions & thoughts attached to them.

Look at this list and see if it seems familiar to you when you look at your pile of stuff.

  • I don’t know where to start

  • I can’t deal with it now

  • It’s just way too much to handle

  • What if I need it for later?

  • I don’t want to look at it now

  • How did it get this bad?

  • I’d feel guilty if I threw these away


How Clutter Makes You Feel

When you allow clutter to accumulate, you’re permitting your senses to be bombarded by excessive stimuli. Your mind works overtime on redundant issues as a result. A messy space is responsible for:

  • Guilt and embarrassment when others drop by
  • Makes finding things difficult when you’re in a hurry
  • Incites anxious feelings of never getting to the bottom of the pile
  • Crowds up living spaces thus making it difficult to concentrate/move
  • Signal to our minds that “my work is never done.”

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So before clicking that “Buy Now” button think twice about how more stuff will bring you less space and more misery. May your home be space efficient and clutter free!